What We Do

We're here to help you get better.

Chiropractic is based on the body's ability to heal itself (within reason) and how we can find and correct the mechanisms that are creating symptoms or poor performance. We are ideally placed to to provide natural prevention and management of conditions involving bones, discs, joints. nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, poor posture and more. Read more about our chiropractor near Camperdown.

When you use our services we commit to help you maximise your overall health not just take away your pain. We aim to deliver the best chiropractic care to you and we look forward to being the practitioners you trust for your spinal care.

Natural Methods

We don't use any drugs or surgery in our therapy.

We are focused on helping your body function better to relieve symptoms and maximise performance. Many conditions are present as a signal of dysfunction that means when we help you correct the dysfunction, your symptoms can be relieved too.

Evidence Based Care

A lot of chiropractic treatment is clearly supported by research and ongoing research is being done to better explain how chiropractic can get the best results.

Either way, more evidence is being produced to help guide practitioners to help give you better care. We aim to make sure you get the most appropriate care for your needs.

Your Choice

We endeavor to make it clear about what you need to get the results you want. We also usually give a choice of helping other issues at the same time that you may not have been aware of. Maybe helping your knee will also help with improving your low back for example.

How much or how little you want is up to you.

About Dr Jeremy Hammond

Dr Jeremy Hammond is a chiropractor at Broadway Sydney and is a member of the  Australian Chiropractors Association.

Dr Jeremy Hammond originally didn't plan to be a chiropractor as he was aiming towards studying physiotherapy. However, he started to experience severe spinal pain that would effectively make him paralysed on the ground for up to 15 minutes at a time in his final year at school. This happened for months until his father suggested that he book in with a local chiropractor. Dr Hammond was astounded that by just two weeks the spinal pain and disability totally resolved. That demonstrated to him that chiropractic can make fundamental, dramatically fast, lifelong improvement in health. This experience made him decide to study chiropractic to help others in the same way.

He gained a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University, Sydney and he continually undertakes postgraduate chiropractic education. His areas of interest are low back pain and disc injury, headache, sports performance and posture correction. He routinely uses Gonstead technique, diversified technique, whole body adjusting and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) / Active Release Techniques (ART).

Since 2000 Dr Jeremy Hammond has been in private practice, chiefly as the chiropractor at the Sports Clinic in the University of Sydney until he established his own chiropractic clinic at the University of Sydney's Wentworth Building. Other experience he had included being a sports chiropractic supervisor at the Sydney World Masters Games and the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker Event. These days, Dr Jeremy helps his other practitioners deliver high quality, research derived therapy for safe, efficient and long term effective results.

Dr J, as his patients refer to him, enjoys family life with 3 children, a wellness lifestyle of good food, exercise and personal development. He is also interested in innovative products, services and design.

About Dr Johannes Hofferberth

Dr Johannes Hofferberth has 3 degrees:

Bachelor of Sports Science

Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic

Bachelor of Chiropractic

Dr Johannes utilises over 5 different recognised chiropractic techniques for his patients. This is done so they can receive the best possible care for their own unique presentation. A thorough case history, x-ray referral and analysis, a diagnosis explained to the patient and a comprehensive treatment plan is implemented for each case.

Sport and exercise has played an important part in Johanne's life and still does today. He appreciates the importance of having your body functioning 110% and thrives on making this possible for his patients. Recently Dr Hofferberth had the honour of proviing chiropractic care to members of the Australian Men's Hockey team before competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In addition to his chiropractic techniques, Johannes combines his treatments with rehabilitation and physiological therapies such as Active Release Technique, soft tissue stretching, trigger point therapy, Insturment Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (Graston). Once again, these techniques will be used on a needs basis for each patient.

About Kat Sikkhachan

Kat Sikkhachan has a Diploma of remedial massage, Certificate in Thai massage, Certificate in Aromatherapy massage and Certificate in Thai massage for health.

Kat has been a massage therapist since 2013 and is very passionate about helping people on their healing journey. She is registered for remedial massage therapy with private health funds. You can get private health rebates for remedial massage with her.

Kat provides very specific massage after considering her client's needs and to progressively reach a point of living without pain. This can be accomplished through a variety of techniques including deep tissue technique, soft tissue technique, Swedish technique, trigger point therapy and stretching technique. While firm pressure is her strength, relaxation and comfort are still the ideal objective.

Kat has a consistent and high level delivery of massage therapy. Clients often remark that she has a very smooth technique and gave the best massage they've ever had. We hope you'll feel the same way.

Kat is availabe for massage in Sydney University Campus Clinic.

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